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Black Copper Marans Chicken Hatching Eggs

Black Copper Marans Rooster RustyBlack Copper Marans Hatching EggsBirchen Marans Don Corleone Baby Rusty Rooster - Black Copper Marans chick
Black Copper Marans chick 21-day time-lapseBlack Copper Marans Hen

       Baby chick 21-day growth time-lapse

 Black Copper Marans are a breed of chicken originally from France. Our Black Copper Marans are pure Wade Jean and SOMETHING Valentine bloodlines. The animation above documents the growth of several of our chicks through their first 21 days. So if it looks like different chicks, it is. It was progressively more difficult to get the chicks to stand still at the center of the photo box and I gave up once they turned 3 weeks old.